At Praana Constructions, we believe there is more to value than just the lowest price. That’s why we provide our clients with the highest quality product for the most economical price.

As a full service provider, we provide the complete range of construction services to diverse industries, including commercial,residential , institutional, and medical. We can either work with your existing plans or provide you with the comprehensive design/build solution.

Our enthusiastic and committed team has the ability to provide hands-on, principal involvement from start to finish. We listen to the wwishes and concerns of every client, and through many conversations we make each project the clear embodiment of their dreams.

In Praana, we focus on a particular kind of client & never focus exclusively on a particular sector. Each project we execute is part of a larger strategy; what we really build are relationships not just buildings. We believe in thoughtful innovative design & execution that solves complex challenges
while respecting budget, quality, schedule & space constraints .

The Vision of Praana is to achieve the Zenith in Construction Industry.

The Mission of Praana is to be the trusted partners for our customers; to set the highest standards for quality and safety; by achieving fair balance of responsibility and profitability.

The firms philosophy is simple, cater to market demands. No specific style of look is attributed to the firm. The firm creates a custom project for each client are involved in research prior to beginning the actual  process.